About ECM

ECM Companies

ECM is a portfolio of companies owned and operated by ECM Holding Group, LLC. Whether through start-up or via purchase through our Pioneer Energy Capital investment group, the ECM Companies deliver innovative solutions geared toward our ESCO and Corporate Clients.

If you are an ESCO, we would welcome the opportunity to show you why ESCO’s have worked with us nationwide.

If you are a Corporate Client, please call us today to learn more about how other Fortune 500 Clients have partnered with ECM to deliver upon their corporate sustainability programs. We have become a trusted partner to some of the largest industrial, commercial real-estate, technology, energy, pharmaceutical and consumer products companies in the world.

Our Advantages

  • More Scope, Quicker Payback

    Comprehensive and innovative solutions.

  • ESCO-Grade Specialty Contractor

    Our Project Managers work almost exclusively with ESCO’s. Because of this, we deliver effective communication, professional on-site supervision and timely project close-out.

  • Measurements & Verification

    Delivering realistic savings and a cost effective means to measure and verify them is what ECM specializes in for its innovative solutions.

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