HVAC Armor

Our founding principles are built around reducing operating costs, minimizing environmental impact, and maximizing ROI to our customers. HVAC Armor achieves this by:

          Restoring HVAC Capacity
          Extending Equipment Lifetime
          Increasing Energy Efficiency
          Providing an Excellent Return on Investment (ROI)
          Offering a Full Warranty

HVAC Armor products are applied to both new and used equipment, ensuring our clients get the most of their investment. HVAC Armor Technicians are certified to perform this work through an extensive training process to ensure the highest quality application of our technologies. We tailor your coating protection system based on the condition of the coil and the corrosivity of the environment to extend the life cycle of your equipment, in turn saving time and money while delaying capital expenditures.

HVAC Armor was developed by a team of engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in the HVAC/R side of energy engineering, facility services, and equipment coating technologies. HVAC Armor provides five types of HVAC protection solutions to optimize our clients' HVAC equipment:

DX - Coil Protection & Restoration Coatings   

HVAC Armor DX is the first field applied corrosion protection that actually “Rejuvenates and Restores” marginally deteriorated aluminum coils and copper tubes with its unique aluminum impregnated polyurethane coating.

RSO - Refrigerant System Optimization

HVAC Armor’s patented refrigerant system optimization removes oil that has leaked from the compressor and fouled the inner wall of the evaporator and condenser tubes. This oil is an unseen insulator, creating inefficiencies on your refrigeration heat exchange surfaces.

XT - Exterior Cabinet Protection Coatings

Exterior cabinet protection and restoration coatings (XT) extends the life of your commercial or industrial HVAC systems. The coating withstands extreme weather and provides superior corrosion protection. XT can be applied on powder coatings, rusty surfaces, galvanized or steel metals. This finish rejects dust, dirt, and it is easy to clean.

CT - Cooling Tower Restoration Coatings

In order to extend the life cycle of your cooling tower, HVAC Armor CT provides your cooling tower with a coatings and restoration solution that can be tailored to any facility. With Cooling Tower Restoration Coatings, you will be able to not only extend the life of your cooling tower, but delay the capital expenditure of a new tower while maintaining costs.

HPC - Hot Pipe Insulation Coatings

HVAC Armor Hot Pipe Coating is a combination of high performance specially designed, high-temperature ceramics and resins, in a waterborne, non-flammable formula. It is used as a coating to reduce surface heat on pipes carrying hot liquid, gas or steam. Hot Pipe Coating is designed to coat surfaces that sustain temperatures up to 900°F (500°C).


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