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One of the main reasons our clients partner with ECM, is our proven ability to develop methodologies for calculating savings and measuring them after project implementation. Additionally, because our auditors are experienced at identifying multiple measures during our site evaluation, we can often spread the costs of delivery over a larger group of measures.

Depending on the geographic location and type of building, ECM has a number of potential measures to meet your energy efficiency goals. Our team audits hundreds of buildings a month and implements projects in 45-50 states annually. Whether you are an ESCO or Fortune 500 company with multiple locations, we excel at developing quick payback solutions for you. Additionally, we have a very strong track record of securing custom rebate incentives from many utilities nationwide.

In addition to our primary business (HVAC Armor, Building Envelope Solutions, Green IT Solutions, TEL Solutions, and Water Conservation Solutions), ECM has developed savings and measurement models around a number of other technologies and services. We will work with you to customize a package of measures depending on your needs.

Call us today to better understand how ECM can deliver measureable results to your organization.

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